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Changing the Game for Women in Sport

Workplay seeks to empower women athletes in football, including AFLW and VFLW players and women in umpiring, to pursue their sporting aspirations whilst developing successful off field careers.

The challenges facing women athletes across codes globally are consistent, balancing work, study, family and sporting commitments. As a professional network, Workplay aims to address these hurdles by equipping women athletes with valuable tools to thrive at every stage of their sporting and professional careers.

Workplay partners with likeminded organisations and individuals to connect women athletes to flexible employment, education, and professional development opportunities.

Together we challenge the norm and push boundaries to change the game for women in sport.

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Why Employ Women Athletes in Football?

In addition to promoting gender equality within an inclusive and diverse workforce AFLW, VFLW and Umpiring athletes can provide immediate impact and value to your organisation. Women athlete’s in football are highly motivated individuals who thrive in high performing teams and excel under pressure. Many of the skills they possess such as, commitment, communication, leadership, and adaptability translate to a variety of off field positions.

Their success on field requires an ability to take on feedback and refine strategies and skills for better performance outcomes, and whilst these attributes can often be hard to acquire, women athletes in football possess, making them highly employable.

Employment Opportunities for Workplay Athletes

Whilst Workplay supports women athletes in football actively engaged in AFLW, VFLW and Umpiring programs, we’re also proud to support women athletes transitioning from the AFL system. In doing so, Workplay introduces organisations to a diverse candidate pool of talented athletes who hold a varying degree of availability.

Flexible work options are essential to allow actively engaged women athletes the ability to thrive on and off the field and balance the commitments of their sporting and professional careers.

Employment beyond the game also encourages a successful transition into the workforce on a more permanent basis following a player/umpire’s time on field.


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