Employer Highlight: John Holland

By Staff Writer

Off the back of the exciting news from John Holland, we’re looking at the direct impact John Holland has had on the lives of their flexible working employees.

John Holland has recently announced that they’ve hired enough AFLW players as flexible employees to fill their own full AFLW team.

Two of these employees are Tara Bohanna and Dee Berry.

“It’s really exciting to see people coming in, not just from one state, but from all states,” Tara a Safety Coordinator at John Holland said.

“It’s really important for building the link between construction and John Holland and the AFLW. It also helps with John Holland…at work for example having that appreciation for what we’re doing and also what we can bring, learning on the field, working with the team, how we can bring that into the workforce, it’s really exciting to see that’s coming in across the board.”

Dee Berry of the Western Bulldogs, a Social Procurement Officer at John Holland, has a deep appreciation of the equality that John Holland is trying to bring into the workplace.

“John Holland is serious about getting more females into construction, it’s very exciting that they’re taking this journey and willing to back the girls who are needing flexible working arrangements. They’re passionate, which is exciting.”

It’s the support, structure and team that John Holland provides that allows the AFLW players they’ve employed to flourish on the field, and in their professional careers; bringing their best selves to both realms.

“We start the discussions [about season requirements] pretty early and I try to make sure that in the pre-season I already adjust what my work will be so it flows into the season. Now that we have the fixture and we know when we’re playing, we can have those discussions. I try and keep the same amount of days I work, but week-to-week the days might be different. [John Holland] are so flexible with that, which is so good,” Tara said.

“It makes it so much easier, just to know that my company and my workplace is supportive of what I’m doing. It makes it reassuring to know that I’m in a good spot.”

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