How to Find Your Purpose

By Jess Jones

Feeling a little lost? It’s quite common to sometimes find yourself delving into a deep reflection on where you’re at in your life right now and where you’re going. A new year comes with new goals and perhaps a few resolutions too. Often months in, we feel like we haven’t achieved enough or our direction has changed and we realise you need to set some new goals for the revised path we’ve found ourselves on.

With the notion that you are in control of where you’re going and the possibility of pivoting when required, understand that beginning a chapter is always an option. This means it’s always a great time to get clear on what you want and where you’re headed. Right now is the best time to get refocused and organised.  

Start by sitting quietly and looking at your goals for this year, this month or even this week. Ask yourself:  

  1. Are they SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely)?  
  2. Do they truly speak to your why or your purpose? 
  3. Do they make you jump out of bed each day? 

Another thing to consider is whether they are too easy. Perhaps you think you can’t achieve big things so you’ve set yourself small goals just to tick them off and pat yourself on the back. Not okay. I remind myself often of a quote by Ashton Kutcher, ‘If it doesn’t seem insurmountable, how is it going to be a life purpose?’ 

Are you simply ticking the boxes; being grateful for what you have but not believing you can have better, achieve more, and grow more? The most significant growth comes from being uncomfortable. If you find yourself too comfortable and settled where you are in your life right now, you might need bigger, scarier goals for yourself.  

It’s up to you to decide when the right time is to shake yourself off and start over if you need to. Or if you think you’re on the right track but lack motivation, remind yourself of how far you’ve come and all that you’ve achieved. Then revise your goals, believe you can smash them and dream a little bigger!


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