How to prepare for flexible working requirements

Flexible working requirements are really common for elite athletes, who also have careers off-field.

While this may seem like a daunting conversation to have with your employer, we’ve found that there are three key things that you can do to help you, and your team, throughout the process.

  1. Communication 

While this may seem obvious, communicating with your team about your requirements, time management, and workload well in advance will enable you to plan your own schedule, as well as help your team.
This will mean that your employer is able to better support you during this time through planning.

  1. Preparation

Before your schedule is about to change, prepare for what is soon to come. This may involve creating handover notes for your team, writing down your new schedule, creating to-do lists or maybe even having regular meetings with your team to update them on what will be happening.

  1. Routine

It can sometimes help to implement your new routine prior to it actually kicking in – and no we don’t mean to trick yourself. Instead starting a new routine ahead of time allows you time to get used to it and be well-acclimated ahead of time.

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