Top tips for a work-life balance

By Staff Writer

If you look across social media all that is apparent is tips on how to streamline work, how to create additional streams of income and how to out-organise everyone else. 

Sometimes slowing down and creating a balance between work and life can be the most beneficial thing you do – for yourself and your career. 

It allows you to gain perspective, freshen up your mind, and stay healthy.

We spoke to three leaders in their field to soak up their wisdom and find out what work-life balance means to them.

“For everyone it’s different, but for me it’s about setting boundaries. It’s so critical. You need to unapologetically set boundaries which allow equal time to the things in life that matter or simply to survive. I also stand by the old saying ‘if you love what you do you won’t work a day in your life’. This is more important to me at this point in my life, I see it as self-care in a way, a sense of purpose or giving back while you are on the clock.” – Brontë Enright, Strategic Talent Programs Manager, John Holland.

“Work-life balance is about bringing out your best both personally and professionally. What that means is that you can have it all – but not all at the same time. I find that it’s really important that you need to ruthlessly prioritise – so work out what’s important, and then allow time to focus on those things.” – Sarah Fair, Executive General Manager – People, AFL.

“Be kind to yourself, that’s the number one thing. We often beat ourselves up that we’re not perfect at everything. We have a lot of things that we are pursuing and the mantra in the back of my head is ‘don’t let the pursuit of perfection get in the way of good’.” – Nic Livingstone, General Manager – Women’s Football, AFL.

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