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In March 2024, Workplay welcomed a new chapter in the AFLW Premier Partner relationship with NAB, the beginning of their Beyond the Field employment program.

This program is a bespoke women in sport employment program that showcases NAB’s support of women athletes by offering a unique pathway of professional growth during and beyond their sporting careers. The roles provide candidates exposure across NAB’s core areas of business in change management, commercial operations, products, marketing, strategy and more.

AFLW athletes that were successful in their applications for cadetship positions include Mattea Breed, Tahlia Gillard, Madeline Hendrie, Marianna Anthony and Eliza Shannon.

Dian Liu – NAB Strategy Analyst and project member of the Beyond the Field program, said that in the discovery phase of their program, they learnt that athletes, especially women, were maintaining their sporting careers while working secondary roles that weren’t necessarily flexible in support for their on-field commitments and priorities. 

“It was important to us that in the build of this program we were able to offer genuine flexible working environment where athletes can feel supported to maintain their sporting commitments whilst developing their off field professions.

Our collaboration with Workplay to launch Beyond the Field helped us promote the program, as well as support  athletes through the recruitment process.”

Mattea Breed, AFLW player and NAB Change Leader, said that she was enticed by NAB’s long-standing commitment to women in sport. 

“I love that NAB are a major sponsor of the AFL and AFLW, they give so much for us to be able to live out our dreams and provide huge support for women’s sport, so it’s really nice to be able to feel like you’re giving back.”

Tahlia Gillard, AFLW Player and NAB Product Operations Officer, was alerted to the role through her club and saw it as an opportunity to develop her skills and work experience in an organisation that promotes growth.

“I was really interested to work within the corporate space, because it’s so vastly different to playing footy. I think it’s a really great opportunity to learn more about the professional environment, building professional etiquette, and how to work within a team in a professional setting,” Tahlia said. 

In talking about the importance of flexible working, Mattea noted the open communication available in her team and how crucial strong relationships are for her personal success and wellbeing.

“It plays a massive part, the fact that I can get in touch with my people leader to share changes to my hours, or changes to the club schedule whether it’s pre-season or in-season… having that flexibility and support takes so much stress off.”

The cadetship program is one that equips athletes with the ability to learn new skills, be immersed in a new off-field environment and provides security in knowing that their on-field career is also supported.

“It’s so important to be able to do both, footy is a fickle environment and isn’t forever, so to be able to develop your skills in a professional environment whilst you’re playing eases the confrontation of contemplating what’s next or what’s beyond the game. You get the best of both worlds and are developing in multiple facets of your life” Mattea said.

Marianna Anthony, AFLW Player and NAB Marketing Campaigns Officer, explained that the flexibility of NAB as a workplace allows for a reprieve on the mental and physical toll that being an athlete can take.

“If we have a heavy training day, it can often be hard to navigate being physically in the office. Having  the flexibility and support to work from home is so valuable – it allows us to be great on and off the field.” Marianna said.

Offering an array of mentorship programs, wellbeing programs, role flexibility and a supportive workplace environment, Workplay are proud to partner with NAB for the Beyond the Field program, creating pathways and opportunities for women in sport.

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