Advice for navigating the corporate world

By Staff Writer

Stepping into a new work environment or industry can be daunting. However, stepping outside of your comfort zone can encourage you to learn more about yourself, build confidence and broaden your experience.

We spoke to two senior leaders from within the Australian Football League for their top tips on working in and navigating the corporate world.

“Good advice for navigating the corporate world is just experience – where you are right now is not always as good as where you’ll be. Find your champions and harness their support of you, find people who will help you answer questions and use as various experts. Having a good group of people around you who can support you is important – and you should actively identify these people.” – Nic Livingstone, General Manager – Women’s Football, AFL.

“It can be really daunting to start a new role in a new environment, especially in a corporate environment if you’re very used to kicking a footy around on the field. My advice for all women starting a new role in the corporate environment is the take time to build relationships. Building really deep relationships with people across the organisation allows you to have mentors and sponsors but also allows you to understand how the organisation works and will help you deliver on your own role.” – Sarah Fair, Executive General Manager – People, AFL.

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