How to create a happy workspace at home

By Jess Jones

Setting up your physical space is so important in ensuring you’re happy and comfortable. Especially when working from home.

If you’re in the office and you’re allowed to make your space yours, you should do what you can to make it feel good.

Here are a few ideas for setting yourself up well, wherever you’re working from.

Invest in a good chair and a sit/stand desk

Standing is so much better for you than sitting, but everyone’s different and some aren’t comfortable doing so or have injuries that may not allow them to. Do what’s right for you.

Make sure you have plenty of light

Natural light is best if you can, and top it up with overhead lighting and a desk lamp if you need to. Not having enough light can give you headaches, make you feel tired and obviously affect your vision too.

Make your space yours

Decorate the space with things that make you feel good – positive images, quotes, a vision board, your favourite colours, a nice print or even photos of your family and mates.

Add some greenery

If you have space to do so, adding a plant or two on or near your desk or table will make you feel good and bring a piece of nature to your space.

Spoil all your senses

If you are at home, you might consider having an oil diffuser on at certain times of the day and choosing some uplifting scents. But be sure to do your research here, there are some scents like citrus ones, that are good for the mornings and more energising. Then there are ones like lavender, which is better for sleep. You don’t want to get these the wrong way around!

Pump some tunes

Do you work better with music on? Grab a speaker or some noise-cancelling headphones so you can enjoy those tunes. Urban List has put together their list of 7 of the best WFH Spotify playlists to get you moving and grooving while you work!


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