On-field work and off-field work, finding the common ground

By Staff Writer

The commonalities in skills between on-field careers and off-field careers for athletes is a fantastic cross-over. It highlights not just the transferable skills that athletes bring to the workplace, but also the impact that they have on wider communities.

We spoke to Mua Laloifi, from the Carlton Football Club and Participation Coordinator at AFL Victoria, and Chloe Molloy, from the Sydney Swans and Producer / On-Air Talent at Fox Sports, about how their careers lend to one another.

“Working at AFL Victoria as a participation coordinator, it’s exposed me to the gratitude of what we do as athletes playing in big games. For myself, I don’t realise the impact I can have on someone just like me. The two work well together – when I put on my AFL Victoria uniform I represent AFL Victoria, but when I’m at Carlton Football Club, I can bring my experience and be a role model to the communities that struggle to find something to have a passion for.” – Mua Laloifi

“Being an athlete, as much as you don’t get a certificate for it, you learn a lot of intricate skills in time management, teamwork, communication, discipline. We learn all these things just through being an athlete. Organisations thrive off having individuals who have all of those, and athletes are suitable employees to have because they just get it.” – Chloe Molloy

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