Three soft skills for any career

By Staff Writer

According to the Oxford Dictionary, soft skills are personal qualities that enable you to communicate with other people. How does this translate to your career? Soft skills are just as essential as hard skills in any role, field or industry.

While hard skills may be specific abilities like knowing how to use tools and platforms, budgeting or writing, for example, soft skills are based on your interpersonal abilities.

We’ve compiled 3 soft skills that are essential for any person, in any career.


There are so many different forms of communication that a prospective or current employer or manager will be looking out for.

They include:

  • – Direct communication (verbal or written)
  • – Active listening
  • – Body language 
  • – Leadership and public speaking skills

A strong sense of communication shows an individual who is able to forge and build strong relationships within a company and any stakeholders they may have. They are also able to complete tasks effectively and efficiently through active listening and clear and concise communication.

Team Work

The saying ‘team work makes the dream work’ exists for a reason! This soft skill means being able to work collaboratively and efficiently within your team and a wider team.

While at times disagreements or conflict may arise – this skill also means that you’re able to navigate this with respect to all involved, to also achieve the goal or outcome to target.

An important component of team work is not just communication, collaboration, it also means taking accountability and being a team player.


In the last few years, we’ve learnt that flexibility is key in all that we do. Flexibility in the workplace means being able to adapt to changing circumstances while also thriving in your role.

This soft skill will enable you to help anticipate what may be on the horizon, and will also help you to pivot when unexpected changes occur.

Flexibility is also important in how we find creative solutions within work, have resilience to change and problem solve.

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