Chloe Molloy’s leadership on and off the field

By Staff Writer

As Chloe Molloy steps into her newly announced Co-Captainship of the Sydney Swans, this move highlights her leadership on and off the field.

While making her Captain’s Address Chloe acknowledged the achievements of the entire playing group and club noting their progress and outlining where she hopes to lead the Sydney Swans with Co-Captain, Lucy McEvoy.

“Captaincy is a title and it’s not all about a title, and we have a group here full of young, emerging leaders. While we are a young playing group, we refuse to use this as an excuse.”

Off-field Chloe also holds a flexible working role as a Fox Sports Associate Producer and Fox Footy Commentator and reiterates the need to find work-life balance in order to better her leadership, and bring her best self to every aspect of her life.

“A lot of the time as athletes we’re on, everytime we walk into work we’re critiqued, we’re given information, so sometimes I want to go home and switch off.”

“It’s been about trying to block out hours in the week and say no to things. I really struggle with saying no because I want to be a part of everything, I want to have a voice, have an impact and be a role model. But I can’t do all of those things if I don’t fill up my cup first.”

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