Playlists to help boost your productivity

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It’s no surprise that music and activity go hand-in-hand, but music can also be beneficial for your productivity and inspiring different parts of ourselves.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best playlists on offer to be the catalyst in our work day to evoke different emotions and actions.

To help you focus

If you’re needing some extra motivation to focus and hone in on the task at hand, Spotify’s Focus Flow playlist is full of uptempo instrumental hip hop beats that’ll help boost this for you.

To help bring a sense of calm

If things are getting tense and you’re needing to find a sense of calm or serenity in your day, look no further than Spotify’s Workday Lounge playlist which is full of lounge and chill out music to remind you of sunny days and good times.

To help you zone out

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed at work and needing to zone out, Spotify’s Brown Noise playlist is the perfect accompaniment to help you re-centre and re-focus.

To help hype you up
Have you ever been stuck on a tough task during the afternoon slump? It can be hard to push through without a little motivation. Look no further than Spotify’s Music for a Workday playlist – a playlist that is curated from your personal Spotify favourites to get you through your workday.


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