5 inspiring podcasts if you’re planning a career pivot

Words by Delicia Smith

Life can throw curveballs (global pandemic, anyone?) and jobs don’t always work out, so it’s likely that there’ll come a time when you’ll be looking for a career change.

Then, of course, there’s the cold hard fact that as an athlete it’s practically unavoidable that at some stage you’ll need to leave the game you love and make a fresh start in a new role.

Sounds a bit daunting, right? Well, the future of work is actually shaping up to look less like a job for life and more like 17 jobs and five careers for the average person in their lifetime. Time to embrace the change!

Having the courage to leave a career you have worked hard to build and try something else can be tough, but whatever your reason for switching there are those who have done it all before you and have so much wisdom to share.

So whether you’ve got a killer business idea of your own that you want to try or you’re looking to improve your chances of landing your dream role, we’ve rounded up five inspiring podcasts to listen to that will set you up for success. Grab your headphones.

What She Did Next

A smart and engaging podcast series hosted by Jacqui Ooi which showcases the fascinating career stories of Australian women from diverse fields and backgrounds, and their journey of facing and embracing change. The perfect listen if you’re on the cusp of a new chapter yourself.

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Second Life

Hosted by Who What Wear cofounder Hillary Kerr, Second Life spotlights successful women who have made major career changes and fearlessly mastered the pivot. A smart and engaging listen with some stellar guests.

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All In with Natalie Allport

Host Natalie Allport is an athlete and entrepreneur. This podcast dives into the mindset, knowledge and stories behind inspiring and passionate individuals who know what it takes to go all in. Past guests range from Olympic athletes, subject matter experts, world record holders, coaches, popular creators and entrepreneurs. Their stories and advice from sport and life are shared with the hope of empowering you to go all in on your own life, goals, and passions.

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The Transition: Life After Sports

Fernando Alvarez recaps his journey from athlete to entrepreneur and tells how those worlds overlap. In chronicling his transition from baseball to business, as well as featuring guests who discuss their own career pivots, Fernie dispenses the knowledge and experiences that helped shape his success, and hopes to inspire others going through their own transitions.

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The Career Change Maker Podcast

Each week host Janine Esbrand dives into key career change strategies and inspirational stories so you have a clear understanding of what is required to transition into a new role or new industry. Expect frank and honest discussions with this knowledgeable coach who has been there, too.  

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